We manufacture your products within the range you specify and we confirm our quality 350,000 times per year by measuring a minimum of six specifications:

  1. pH: Measurement of the acidity or basicity of the product used to determine finished product taste and shelf life.
  2. % Moisture or Water Activity: Used to determine texture and shelf life.
  3. Diameter and Weight: Checking each tortilla, by chip, by package, by shipping case.
  4. Visual: Ensuring each product shape, edges, color, toast points.
  5. Fry Color: For fried chips, the USDA French Fry Chart is used to compare finished product versus your specified color range.
  6. Packaging: Accurate information on shelf life, production details and labeling.

Landes Foods Rates All Products on a Quality Index

Conformance to specification is critical - whether it is your specification or Landes' internal specification. Our products are designed for excellence and "critical to quality" parameters are declared as part of the specification. Our production process is built to deliver "first quality" product that meets the specification. Performance is tracked using the Landes Quality Index. We use the Quality Index to rate our performance, design system improvements, and drive first quality performance for all our products.